A few days ago, I rechecked the registry of "mechatomic.com," which has been held by a squatter for the last five years. The domain registration was due to expire on Monday, but was renewed by the squatter. Basically, this meant that I needed a new URL name. I decided on "Airleak Attack." 

Before I register it, I am going to backlog all of my videos from YouTube. At the moment, I am undecided as to whether I should drop "Mechatomic Island" all together, or say "AirleakAttack.com presents a Mechatomic Island production." I'll figure it out soon, but a 3rd name change would be really damn annoying. To both myself and the few followers I have.

Since I am backlogging the newly remastered versions of old videos, it may look like I am inactive for a short time.

EDIT: After taking a poll among my friends and family, I received unanimous support of the name "Mechatomic Island." So, I suppose there will be no name change, but I still have to think of a URL that uses Mechatomic in it. I feel like mechatomicisland.com would be too long, but most people point out that a different URL and name is confusing. So, I'll probably go with mechatomicisland.com.

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