A compilation of old cartoons I made between 2008 and 2009. For the most part, this compilation shows them as they were originally created: misspellings, mistakes and all. The only major changes made here involve copyrighted music.

"Bunny Go Boom" and "What Goes Up, Scene 1" -- 12/23/2008
Short animations for a movie, "What Goes Up." The movie was a joint effort between myself and Alex, and was never finished. The plot involved two separate story lines, which eventually intertwined. We each planned on animating a story arc, but never finished. For my portion, I completed the opening credits (excluded), the opening scene, and an explosion, which is referred to as "Bunny Go Boom."

"Attack of the Stuff" -- 9/14/2009
A cartoon that was originally about a shotgun toting rabbit that spoke in Bruce Campbell quotes and fought dancing aliens. This cartoon was the first new thing I created for my original YouTube channel.

"Flying Spaghetti Monster" -- Artwork: 11/7/2008 - Animation: 9/14/2009
A short, stupid cartoon I worked on while my friends discussed philosophy. Hence the deep philosophical subject matter.

"Blood Drive Promo" -- 2/3/2009
A promo I made for my high school television station. The oozing blood was made using the Dell LiveCam "snot" effect, and then changing the color. Someone told me I should work for Nickelodeon after seeing this...

"Talking Baby" --2/25/2009
A sarcastically made animation for my high school TV station.

"Why Fruit Are Evil" and "Victory to the Fruits" -- Recording: 3/1/2009 - Animation: 9/15/2009
While in my high school TV class, I was assigned to make a video with a group about eating fruit. When I proposed we make a cartoon, my group members thought I was telling them that I would do all the work. In frustration, I refused to animate it for them. Thus, all we did was record the voices. The animation was made far later, without them, and is far different than the original script.

"AWEO Commercial #4" -- 3/9/2009
This is one of many parts of a large project by me and Alex. The project was to design a fake business and make it as convincing as possible. Among other things, we created multiple commercials.

"Dance Acid Man, Dance" -- Original: 10/23/2008 - Reconstruction: 2/1/2010
A music video for "Nothing Special" by Local H (which was switched out from this presentation). This was the first thing I ever animated, and is quite crude. I never finished it fully, and lost the original for 4 years. In early 2010, I recreated it from the source files. The reconstructed version is presented here.

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