26 Strikes Back



This cartoon was a class project that was meant to be a “cultural adaptation” of the manga, “Akira,” into a loose parody of the film, “Mean Girls.” Yes, I know that makes no sense.

To explain more fully, this cartoon was a project for a college class called “New Media.” The point of the class was to study the ways that new forms of media (such as Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, etc.) affect culture.

Our assignment was to read the first volume of “Akira” and make a YouTube video out of it, while also culturally changing it. We wrote nearly five pages explaining how the video reflected the change, but, to be honest, it’s quite boring and confusing. Specifically, it alters the character, Takashi (aka 26), from a weak and vurnerable child-thing into the mean teenage girl, Regina (from the film 'Mean Girls').

We chose animation because it allowed us to melt heads. No, seriously, that's the only reason. However, when the project was started, I did not have the animation software that was eventually used (Anime Studio 5). I planned on making it frame by frame with Microsoft Paint. Luckily, I came across the software in the meantime, practiced a bit, and then animated the cartoon in one night. Hence, the many errors and glitches.

The class was very impressed with the presentation, and the professor was ecstatic. The other videos from the other groups were pretty terrible, no offense. They included: 1) a parody of “Celebrity Rehab,” 2) A slideshow with images made in Microsoft Paint that showed the character “Kaneda” as being the supposed mistress of every major Republican in Washington, and 3) A scene from “Akira” where the gym teacher beats his students altered so that he forces them to eat junk food instead.

So, needless to say, we had the best video, but it confused many, many people.
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