Transformers Joke-O-Meter - MechAtomic Island Productions
This is one of the dumbest things I've made. I cannot stand it. The vid shows several scenes from Transformers, and tallies some of the toilet humor jokes. That's it. That's all. A little counter comes up and goes "ding." I made it while bored, and got lazy midway through editing. Thus, I cut it short, and it suffered even more. Thankfully, this abomination went unnoticed for a long while ...

Until YouTube user AeonXero became enraged and posted this:

"Wow! A WHOLE 5 PEE jokes in a 2.5 hour movie! OMG! THE MOVIE SUCKS NOW! call the police! Call the FCC! Amazing how some people can be so obessed. You're a moron, honestly. Can you not enjoy the movie? OMG! PEE JOKES! my... maturity... going... down... must... post on... youtube... LOL, get a life, you piece of shit. Do you know how many references of poo and fart are in Austin Powers? I don't see you referring to that."  - AeonXero

What an ass. Also, what does Austin Powers have to do with this? Other movies with poo jokes = relevant? 

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