This was, sadly, my most viewed original video of all time. Though "original" may be a stretch.

The video shows the famous transformation scene from American Werewolf in London, but replaces the normal audio with different music. In the movie, the song "Blue Moon" by Sam Cooke plays over the scene. Elmer Bernstein, the composer for the film, had written a musical score for the transformation, but Director John Landis chose not to use it.

The composition was performed and released by City Of Prague Philharmonic in 2005. My video synced this performance with the original scene to show what it may have been like with the composer's alternate music. However, the views came flooding in very quickly, and many, many people complained about my alterations. Since the point was not to show the scene out of context, and therefore keep people from watching the whole film, I pulled it. Too bad too. I liked it. 

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