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YouTube Origins


Today is the day that I joined Youtube as user "KillerPikmin." I would go on to use the channel for nearly two years before getting creatively frustrated with the limitations of the site and moving here. It wasn't until September that I began to post videos. Many of them, at first, were unoriginal things such as songs or television clips. I eventually decided against such postings, and focused on using KillerPikmin as a creative outlet.

In fact, I often began turning to the website in times of boredom or depression. If I started a video, it became my life. And this bizarre addiction-esque approach led my friends to the term "YouTube Hole." As in, "Andrew just crawled out of his YouTube hole." Or "I've been in my YouTube Hole."

Before using YouTube to make videos, I often filmed movies with my twin brother, Alex, who currently runs (a heavy inspiration to this site). Most of my YouTube videos are creative edits of films and television shows, and feature little to no appearances of myself. Called "mash-ups" by most people. Many were stupid, but some still give me goosebumps.

All my former Killerpikmin videos will be remastered and presented here on Mechatomic Island, and re-uploaded to my KillerPikmin YouTube channel. Despite my self-proclaimed obscurity and invisibility, there are apparently people that watched my crap. Can't let my fans down, even if they're just a handful.

NOTE: This post was retro-actively written on September 25, 2011.

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