This whole backlog thing is falling apart. For those of you that don't know yet, I have been putting all of my old material onto this new[er] site. But I have been arranging it so that it appears to have been added when it was originally made. In other words, some stupid 2008 cartoon will be listed as a 2008 blog entry, even though the blog didn't exist until 2011.

I was doing this so that the updates page mirrored the videos page, but I now feel that that is ineffective and misleading.

I am going to fix the update page so that it corresponds to actual updates, instead of acting as a timeline. The video page will stay the way it is. These changes are mainly to show the backlog activity as it happens. Its a pain in my ass, so don't let me hear a peep of confusion from you peoples. This shouldn't take too long, I think.

The worst part is on this end, where I have a pile of confusing computer files that have to be sorted, ironed, and put on wire hangers (which are tangled) before they can come play on the internet.

On an unrelated note, my parents promised the $60 for site registration as a birthday present. So I can finally post these preemptively watermarked videos onto YouTube!

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