Backlog Update


So, I'm still working on the backlogging crap. I've reorganized my entire external hard drive, mainly the videos section. I then scoured every... single... mofoing... folder... for misplaced content. I found A LOT. Tons of forgotten vids resurfaced from the depths of YouTube hell to rear their nonsensical, esoteric heads.

Most of it was total junk, and inspired me to make the new Video Graveyard. It's a section of the site that with brief blurbs about the vids that won't make the cut for this site. Maybe they had a home on YouTube in the past, but they are gone now.

I also changed the blog sidebar (that area to the right of this paragraph.) I used to post an AddtoAny button on each new blog entry, but now there's a single button powered by AddThis. It simplifies things for me.

I also created a source index, though its still inactive at the moment. A forum page lingers about as well, but does nothing at the moment. And I made a site credits page, and the main background has changed.

In video related updates... I've pretty much stalled on a project called "The Rise and Fall of KillerPikmin," which chronicles my dispute and departure from YouTube. It features Toho brandishing the handgun seen above.

Twelve audiosplices, seven montages, and two five-second-crapolas have been remastered, but not posted. That's about all, I think. More later. Maybe.


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